Legal Options Are Available If You Suspect Undue Influence

Allegations of undue influence or coercion in the creation or amendment of a will can tear a family apart. In this situation, you need an advocate who can protect your rights and achieve an efficient, cost-effective and workable solution.

In some circumstances, a beneficiary may have been wrongfully deprived of his or her inheritance. These beneficiaries may be able to pursue a remedy by taking legal action. Procedures exist through which you may challenge the will or trust that deprived you or a loved one of a deserved inheritance. In addition, gifts made to others before death can be overturned if fraud or undue influence was used to obtain them.

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At The Law Offices of Scott Alan Morrison, P.A., we help clients bring claims where there has been undue influence. We have decades of experience helping clients in Maryland with elder law issues. Contact our Frederick undue influence lawyers to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.

Signs Of Undue Influence

Some of the most common cases of undue influence involve:

  • Incapacity — your loved one was unable to sign the will or estate document due to Alzheimer's or dementia
  • Control and duress — the decedent was pressured into changing his or her estate because he or she was dependant on the suspect for care or transportation
  • Sudden changes — the decedent made sudden, strange changes to his or her will or other estate documents
  • Reappearance of estranged child — the suspect suddenly reappeared in your loved one's life and had influence or power over the estate

Whether the undue influence was the result of coercion, manipulation or control, we can help you contest a will, power of attorney or trust. Our attorneys will investigate your suspicions and help you determine if you have a case.

Maryland Elder Abuse Lawyers

Our Maryland elder abuse attorneys also represent clients in elder abuse cases. If you suspect a family member of abusing your elderly relative, physically or emotionally for financial gain, we will work with you to pursue a civil claim against the suspect.

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