We Fight Abuse And Seek Justice

Nursing home residents are at a vulnerable stage in their life. Staff and other residents who take advantage of this vulnerability can easily abuse your loved one physically, emotionally and financially.

If you suspect that your elderly parent or relative has been abused in a nursing home or other long-term care facility, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Scott Alan Morrison, P.A., can help you. We represent victims of nursing home abuse and their families in claims against nursing home staff, administration and other residents.

Types Of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take many forms. Our Maryland elder law attorneys can help you fight any type of elder abuse in a nursing home, retirement home or assisted living facility, including:

  • Physical abuse — Fearful behavior, sudden unexplained injuries and poor appetite are just a few of the signs that your loved one has been physically abused or sexually assaulted by nursing home staff or another resident.
  • Emotional abuse — Every nursing home resident should be able to live out his or her final years with dignity. Verbal abuse and degrading treatment can lead to physical symptoms and severe depression for a senior resident.
  • Financial abuse — From staff stealing personal belongings to identity theft, we can help you bring a claim and put a stop to financial abuse and theft.

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