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Maryland councilman with power of attorney faces protective order

A Maryland councilman is facing a protective order from his mother of whom he holds power of attorney after he allegedly held her by the arms and threw her down, accusations in which the councilman claims are unfounded.

No charges have been filed and the councilman is adamantly defending himself stating that it is tension among the siblings that has led to the courtroom in this case due to his decision making around being power of attorney. The case in under further investigation and it is unclear whether or not the temporary protective order will be extended.

Cases such as this one are not limited to the public eye. Often, families with multiple siblings will end up in rivalry battles over the decisions of the one sibling who has been granted power of attorney of a parent. These battles often end up with the best interests of the parent suffering because the person legally responsible for them may face accusations and potential legal actions from siblings. Power of attorney may be granted to cover financial or health care decisions, as well as everyday care. In this case, the councilman had power or attorney and his mother’s medical directive.

When important decisions need to be made, facing arguments and rivalry may hinder that process. Having power of attorney documents drawn up correctly so as to avoid legal implications may help protect Maryland residents from potentially damaging accusations and painful battles with siblings. Obtaining a do-it-yourself form may not protect the interests of all parties involved in drafting a power of attorney, and may not consider the variables that each family brings to the situation.

Source: WBOC-TV 16, “Md. State Police Investigating Wicomico Councilman,” Corrina Pysa, May 1, 2012


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