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Maryland residents may want to consider having a will

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2013 | Wills

There are a handful of legal instruments that nearly everyone should consider utilizing. One of the most basic of these is a will. Many people of average income think that they do not need a will because they do not have enough money. Regardless of how much money people have, a will makes the process of managing any assets and other important decisions after a Maryland resident’s death much easier on surviving family members.

There are a few main points that should likely be addressed by every individual or family in a will. Regarding the other members of the family, there are several designations that should be made. The will should designate a person to oversee the handling of the will, also known as an executor. It should further designate who is to inherit any wealth. Additionally, a guardian for any minor children or dependents should be addressed in a will.

There are several other personal issues that may be addressed in a will. Many people put their preferences for a funeral in their will. This can save the family a lot of expense if the person prefers a small funeral and cremation, as well as the pain of making those decisions after someone dies. A plan to address any outstanding debts should be made, so that they may be prioritized in a way that agrees with the individual.

It is important to pay attention to any differences in state laws when one drafts a will. Each state, including Maryland, has specific rules that must be met for a will to be valid. While wills that are written in other states are often respected when one moves to a new state, it can be good to update the will to current standards of law so that the will is acted on quickly rather than stalling in the courts.

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