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How can a power of attorney be customized?

There are many unexpected events in life. These events can be much more problematic if a person has not adequately prepared for them. Fortunately, there are steps a person in Maryland can take in order to prepare for a time when he or she may be unable to make personal or financial decisions. If a person has previously created a power of attorney — which grants someone else the right to handle his or her financial matters — considerable time, money and effort can be saved.

Powers of attorney can be customized to fit a grantor’s personal wants and needs. For example, a power of attorney can be limited or broad. A limited power of attorney will limit the actions the person named can take. On the other hand, creating a general power of attorney gives a person the right to make all financial decisions.

Additionally, when the powers go into effect can also be specified. For example, many spouses will create a document that gives their spouse immediate powers in the event that financial action is required when the spouse is out of town. In contrast, the powers could also be springing, meaning they go into effect only when necessary. A certification from a doctor declaring a person incompetent may be necessary. The powers are invalidated if the grantor recovers.

There are many decisions that need to be made when creating estate-planning documents such as a power of attorney. Experienced attorneys in Maryland can help ensure that each person is aware of necessary decisions and has them recorded in a legally binding manner. By taking such action, grantors could be saving their loved ones additional hardships and expenses in the event that they become unable to manage their own financial affairs.

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