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Probate process involves several important parts

Probate is a legal process in Maryland through which the property of a deceased individual, called an estate, is passed on to charitable organizations, relatives or acquaintances. The process of probate is often viewed as being costly and lengthy. However, you can more easily navigate this process with the guidance of a qualified attorney.

A lawyer can help you address various aspects of the process of probate administration. For instance, an attorney can advise a personal representative of the duties he or she must assume. The lawyer can also file the mandatory initial documents and make any required notifications to creditors and beneficiaries.

Lawyers are furthermore equipped to perform a comprehensive inventory of both the estate’s debts and assets. Filing tax returns and helping to distribute the estate’s assets are a couple of other tasks a lawyer can perform. The lawyer may be the one to file all final documents with the court as well.

Probate is not always necessary following an individual’s death; in fact, a solid estate plan very well may help a person eradicate the need for probate. In your case, you may decide to set up a trust and have property directly and immediately transferred to all of your beneficiaries. This ultimately helps to reduce fees, time and cost for the surviving family. A law firm can study your unique situation, recommend an appropriate course of action to take and create a legal vehicle that is designed to achieve your goals. With the help of an attorney, you can efficiently tackle estate-related matters in Maryland.


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