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Maryland residents may be interested in being trust settlors

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2016 | Trusts

Many individuals may feel intimidated by legal processes due to the sometimes complicated and confusing language. As a result, some Maryland residents may avoid estate planning because they are uncertain where to start or what steps to take. In order to get started creating a trust, an individual may wish to understand what their role is in the creation process. 

When someone is creating a trust, that individual is known as the settlor. The settlor is in charge of making the terms of the trust and putting property into that trust. A settlor determines who will have access to the trust and how the property in that trust will be handled. If a settlor creates a living trust, that individual remains the trustee until his or her death and can make changes to the trust.

If a settlor creates an irrevocable trust, the trust is likely for the benefit of another individual. This type of trust does not allow the settlor to make changes after the trust has been created and the proper documents signed. However, the settlor may still have influence over the trust and how it is handled.

Understanding certain terms may make a situation seem less intimidating. As a result, an individual may realize that he or she has more control over a legal proceeding than originally thought. Maryland residents who are interested in estate planning and/or creating a trust may wish to find out more information on how their input is the most important aspect of their estate plans and how a legal professional may assist in the creation process. 

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