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Power of attorney important for when you cannot make decisions

A power of attorney in Maryland gives a person you appoint the power necessary to make important decisions for you if you become unable to do so. This power, that is vested in the other person, may be restricted or very broad in scope, based on the document’s specific terms. There are various types of powers of attorney, with a couple of noteworthy ones being the special power of attorney and the health care power of attorney.

Special powers of attorney may be created for set periods of time to achieve very specific tasks. For instance, perhaps your home is on the market, but you have to travel overseas. You can easily appoint an individual who can legally accept a certain offer made on your house and then sign your closing documents.

Health care powers of attorney are also essential parts of estate plans. It is often wise to appoint an individual who can make important decisions about end-of-life treatment or health care for you if you cannot make these decisions on your own. By creating a health care power of attorney, you spare your loved ones the agony that often comes with having to make these types of decisions.

When people think about estate planning, they often focus on developing wills or establishing trusts. However, creating a power of attorney is a significant yet often overlooked component of a comprehensive estate plan in Maryland. Proper legal guidance may help you to develop a power of attorney that meets your expectations and needs for both you and your family’s sake down the road.


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