Going through divorce? It’s time to revisit your estate plan.

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If you are getting divorced or the ink has just dried on your divorce agreements, it’s time you thought about your estate planning documents. Oftentimes, people forget to think about their will, trusts or other estate planning instruments because they are so caught up in their divorce proceedings.

At The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A., we can help you take stock of your estate after a divorce, modify existing documents and develop a plan for protecting yourself, your kids and your legacy going forward.

A divorce can mean significant changes to your finances

Your estate planning documents should be updated every few years. However, when significant changes happen in your life – such as a divorce, remarriage, the birth of a child or a significant increase or decrease in finances – you may need to be a bit more proactive in making sure everything stays up to date.

Instead of putting off updates, it’s important to act quickly. Although you may feel like you have plenty of time to address these issues later, the truth is that unexpected events can and do happen.

By contacting a lawyer who serves clients throughout Maryland, you can reassess your finances and your plans going forward. We can help you remove specific parties from a will, add new heirs and beneficiaries, create trusts and develop a plan while determining what estate planning instruments can help you achieve your goals.

Talk to an attorney when your circumstances change

To learn more about making changes to your existing estate planning documents or to discuss drafting a will, trust or other instruments, reach out to us at The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A.


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