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Probate and Estate Administration: Spotting the Signs of Undue Influence

For families in Maryland and throughout the country going through probate and estate administration proceedings, accusations of undue influence or coercion can be upsetting and incredibly damaging to family relationships. Of course, throwing around accusations without any evidence is something most wish to avoid, but how can you be certain that the indicators you’ve noticed require action?

At The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A., we can help you through all aspects of estate administration and probate. We understand the complex family dynamics in play during probate and want to make sure we take appropriate steps to protect you and your loved one’s legacy.

Have you been wrongfully deprived of your inheritance?

Perhaps you knew that you were included in a loved one’s will or trust and at the last minute, a change was made and you were excluded. Or maybe you were promised specific items from the estate and just before your loved one passed, those items were passed off to another who you are certain had little claim to them.

If you have experienced one of the above scenarios or something similar, there are legal procedures available that allow you to challenge the will in question and pursue legal remedies.

First, it’s important to identify any signs that the testator’s will was somehow compromised. Some common signs of coercion or undue influence include:

  • Sudden changes that were made at the last minute
  • The sudden reappearance of an estranged child or other relative
  • Indications that the testator was forced to make changes under duress
  • The testator suffered from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other ailments that rendered that individual susceptible to coercion

Instead of trying to take action on your own, an attorney experienced in handling probate and estate administration matters can help you understand your options while taking decisive action.

If you have questions, speak with our attorneys at The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A.


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