Video: What is Medicaid?

As a state and federally funded program, Medicaid gets a lot of media attention. Equally deserving of attention, however, is an area of law devoted to Medicaid planning.

Medicaid provides assistance in paying for long-term care needs. Although intended for individuals with limited resources, one doesn’t have to be penniless in order to qualify. With careful Medicaid planning, an individual might preserve assets for a spouse or children, while still individually qualifying for payments. Legal instruments such as trusts or annuities might accomplish that goal. It’s also never too late to start preserving assets, even if an individual is already in a nursing home.

One of our firm’s lawyers actually assisted in the drafting of the current Medicaid law. Needless to say, we have the experience and knowledge in this area to provide you with strong, personalized service. Our attorneys will help you through the complicated application process.



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