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MLK estate administration case may interest Maryland residents

When a loved one passes, many family members may have varying roles in the remaining estate. Some individuals may be part of the estate administration, which causes them to be in charge of much of the remaining assets. However, complications can often arise when dealing with property of a deceased loved one, and even years after a death, litigation is possible.

A current case revolving around property formerly belonging to Martin Luther King, Jr. may be of interest to Maryland residents. Reports stated that King’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize were currently the focus of the litigation. King’s two sons hope to sell the two items, but his daughter believes the assets should remain in the family. The estate is controlled by the sons, and a judge recently ruled that the Bible belonged to the estate. A trial is set for next month in order to determine ownership of the Peace Prize medal. 

The daughter had been in possession of the items until the litigation began. The siblings had held a vote to determine whether the items should be sold, and the brothers won. However, their sister did not want to relinquish the items. As a result, the litigation began. The siblings were ordered into mediation, and as of this year, an agreement had not yet been made.

When individuals disagree over how parts of an estate should be handled, it is not unusual for litigation to take place. It is also relatively common for these proceedings to become emotional and complicated. If Maryland residents have found themselves in a similar situation, they may wish to discuss their concerns and wishes with an experienced estate administration attorney in hopes of effectively working toward their desired outcomes.

Source:, “Judge rules in favor of Martin Luther King’s sons in Bible dispute“, July 11, 2016


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