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Safeguarding against will disputes may help Maryland residents

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2016 | Wills

Maryland residents who face family conflicts may worry about the potential issues that could arise after their deaths. It is not uncommon for a will to be contested, and some individuals may wish to take such action if they believe the contents of a will do not reflect the true intentions of the deceased. However, some individuals may wish to dispute the document simply because they do not feel they were bequeathed the items they desired.

If individuals worry about unnecessary legal conflicts after their deaths, they may wish to consider the potential safeguards they could place on their wills. A “no-contest” clause could be added to the document in order to make it more difficult for individuals to unjustly file a dispute. The clause could make penalties applicable for those wishing to cause conflict.

Additionally, individuals may wish to keep copies of wills that were signed and updated at various times. These records may allow for one of the previous versions of a will to remain valid if a separate challenged will is disregarded. Thorough records could be a significantly useful tool for executors attempting to uphold a valid will.

Will disputes could cause probate issues to drag on for some time. Though there may be valid reasons for such disputes, there is also a chance that an individual who feels slighted in some way may wish to cause unnecessary hardships. If Maryland residents are worried that such a situation could arise after their demises, they may wish to discuss their options for safeguarding their wills with an experienced estate planning attorney.

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