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A Maryland resident may not want to avoid creating an estate plan

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2016 | Wills

End-of-life decisions may be something that makes many individuals cringe. Confronting mortality can be a hefty task, and some Maryland residents may choose to believe that planning for death is not necessary. However, an estate plan is an essential tool for an individual who hopes that his or her children will be taken cared for and that his or her assets and wishes will be properly handled after death. 

It was recently reported that approximately 56 percent of Americans have not created estate plans or do not have updated plans. It is not unusual for individuals of lower income levels to believe that these plans are only necessary for parties with substantial assets to consider. On the contrary, creating wills and other documents could potentially benefit individuals at all income levels, especially those with children, as a will can designate guardians for those children. 

Creating legal documents is also a vital step, as verbal agreements will likely not be considered valid. Though an individual may have verbally promised a piece of property to another party at some point, without actual proof of such an agreement, it cannot be considered legally binding. Therefore, individuals who hope that their heirs receive their shares of their estates may wish to file the correct documents.

It is understandable that the idea of making such decisions can be anxiety-inducing. However, by understanding the benefits of an estate plan and how surviving family members may use the documents to make difficult decisions, Maryland residents may be more apt to proceed with estate planning. Interested individuals may find speaking with experienced attorneys useful to their endeavors.

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