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Decisions for a Maryland estate plan require careful discussion

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Wills

When making estate planning decisions, many Maryland residents may wish to consider how their families will be affected by those determinations. Because an estate plan addresses more than just who will be left property, individuals may want to assess their family dynamics in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts. An attorney is typically able to help insure that the terms of an estate plan fit the desires of the client.

During the planning process, individuals typically name an executor or successor to their estate. This is a common step that many people undertake in order to avoid having the probate court name an individual. However, this position involves considerable responsibilities and interaction with family members, and therefore, it may be prudent to consider how the executor gets along with other family members. 

Though an estate plan is mostly about the end-of-life wishes for the creator of the plan, it may be prudent to consider the wishes of loved ones as well. By discussing the plans with the family, individuals may be able to better detail how they would like to bequeath their assets. It may also give them the opportunity to gauge potential points of conflict and address them accordingly. 

Creating an estate plan may be a difficult topic to bring up with loved ones, but the discussion could be beneficial. Not only could it allow individuals to gain insight with regard to their family’s views, but it may also help ensure that the end-of-life wishes are carried out properly. Maryland residents who would like to move forward with creating their plans may want to consult with an experienced attorney in hopes of better understanding their options.

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