DIY estate plan documents not best choice for Maryland residents

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2016 | Wills

Many Maryland residents thinking about estate planning may think they can handle the process on their own. However, creating an estate plan can, at times, be complicated, and there may be facets that could be easily overlooked without the proper professional help. As a result, surviving loved ones may face issues when it comes to attending to the estate.

If individuals try to create a will online or by other means on their own, they run the risk of the document not being properly made nor correctly carried out by the executor of the will. As a result, the will could be considered invalid. Additionally, the wording of a will can play a major role in how the document is interpreted, and if the language a unclear, conflicts may arise. Probate litigation could be a potential outcome when there is uncertainty surrounding a will.

Furthermore, self-made wills could have potential for undue outside influence. For example, an unethical individual could potentially coerce a vulnerable party into creating a will that does not reflect his or her true desires. However, having a properly created estate plan on file could help prevent such actions. Therefore, individuals may wish to make their plans early in life.

Estate planning can be beneficial for individuals who want to ensure that their family knows their end-of-life wishes. However, incorrectly created or filed documents could potentially lead to legal issues and litigation. Therefore, Maryland residents who want to make their estate plan documents in the proper and legal manner may wish to consult with experienced attorneys who could provide valuable insight.

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