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Does everyone need a will?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Wills

Many people living in Maryland have misconceptions about when they need to have wills written. They often believe that a will is not needed until they have acquired some level of wealth. However, there are more reasons to have a will than many people may realize.

Some people forget that when an individual turns 18 he or she is legally an adult even if enrolled in high school or college. This means that if the young man or woman needs medical treatment he or she is expected to make the decisions concerning that treatment. Parents cannot legally intervene on their children’s behalf if their children are deemed capable of making their own decisions.

Newly married couples may also benefit from having a will written or an existing one updated. A will can help to ensure that assets like property, money or a car are received by the spouse or relative the decedent chooses. It can also help to prevent fights between the family and the spouse.

Having children or marrying a person who already has children is also a very good reason to have a will. A will can be used not only to name the children as beneficiaries but also to name a guardian for any minors. It can also leave detailed instructions about what ages the children are to receive their inheritance.

Of course, these are only a few ways that people can benefit from having a will. Maryland residents who wish to have a will written may want to consider consulting a professional. An attorney can help clients to fully understand all of their options and help them to clearly express their wishes.


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