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Living will part of end of life decisions in Maryland

Advanced care planning is important for all adults, regardless of how young they are or how healthy they feel. This type of planning is important, because no one knows when a life or death situation will arise. People in Maryland can, however, put in place directives, like a living will, that can speak for them if they are unable to speak for themselves.

Important considerations for the creation of an estate plan

Women who are creating estate plans face concerns that their male counterparts may not face. For instance, women often live longer than men and may be pressured by their children and grandchildren regarding their estate plans after the deaths of their husbands. There are 10 key aspects of creating an estate plan that Maryland women may want to consider.

Living will important for young adults in Maryland

Adults should start thinking about their medical wishes as soon as they reach the age of 18. Most people think that medical directives are only for the elderly, the disabled or the very sick. However, anyone who is at least 18 years old needs to have at least a living will and possibly a power of attorney for medical issues.

Maryland resident can use estate plan to prepare for the future

Many choices are available when a person decides that he or she is ready to plan for his or her future. Creating an estate plan is beneficial to people who are just starting out in their adult lives and those who are ready to consider retirement. Maryland residents who are considering making plans for their futures will need to know a few key points to consider.

In Maryland, a living will is one option for final wishes

Advanced directives are important for Maryland residents, even if they do not realize it in time to make a difference. One older man recently found out that he probably has lung cancer and that he is in the stages of dementia. He is unable to make end-of-life decisions for himself and does not have a living will.

Digital estate plan will help Maryland residents at end of life

Estate planning is not as simple as it once was. With the introduction of the digital world, there are many assets that are floating out in cyberspace that may not be readily known by the loved ones left behind after a death. Maryland residents should take care to let their families know what assets are there and leave a directive in the estate plan to show how he or she would like for those digital assets to be handled after death.

Maryland estate plan should start in early adulthood

In Maryland and all across the country, people need to plan ahead when it comes to the assets that they currently posses and those that they will acquire throughout their lives. This can be done by creating an estate plan that will designate to whom an individual's assets pass after death. By having an estate plan in place, one can have peace of mind from knowing that his or her wishes will be followed.

Maryland estate plan: choosing a financial planner

There are many options available to those seeking financial planning advice. There are national brokers and banks, small, local brokerages, credit unions and even web-based robot advisors that base advice on algorithms. Faced with so many options, a Maryland resident may be unsure about where to turn for financial advice for his or her estate plan

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