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An estate plan should be on every Maryland resident's to-do list

Estate planning is essential for ensuring that money and property owned by a person at the time of his or her death are distributed according to his or her wishes. Maryland estate plans are important for many reasons, including the peace of mind of the benefactor. This peace of mind often comes from knowing that one's family members will not be fighting over assets after one's death because a solid estate plan is in place.

Estate plan good idea in case of dementia

Medical articles abound that feature data discussing the known issues and available research with regard to the often devastating cognitive issue known as "dementia." Many of these articles include a list of warning signs, such as inability to remember previous events in life, getting lost while traveling in familiar surroundings or losing track of time and money. In addition to thinking ahead about the possibility of the onset of dementia in one's personal life or that of a loved one, Maryland residents might find it prudent to consider an estate plan as a means of protecting assets before any presentation of symptoms of cognitive demise sets in.

When family pets should be included in an estate plan

Any Maryland resident can benefit from an estate plan, regardless of income level. In fact, an individual can seek assistance in order to draft an estate plan that is uniquely suited to his or her needs. Estate planning, often involving a last will and testament, will determine what happens to property and possessions after a person passes away, including the family pet. When a pet is an integral part of the family, it may be worthwhile to consider this option. 

DIY estate plan may be challenged in Maryland probate court

People's lives are not made from cookie cutters. Each person is different with varying goals and situations. Therefore, a good estate plan should also be tailored to fit a person's individual circumstances in Maryland or elsewhere. Hence, one may want to think twice about blindly using a template DIY will or any other generic estate-planning document, product or service.

Estate plan helps women to prepare for the future

People sometimes plan to have children and even plan for their retirement, but they frequently shy away from anticipating what would happen if they passed away. Creating an estate plan is essential for preparing for the future in the event of one’s death in Maryland. This is true for both men and women, although women have a unique set of challenges.

When to revise your Maryland estate plan

For many in Maryland, addressing estate planning is a task that ranks close to having one's teeth drilled in terms of enjoyment and anticipation. While most residents recognize the need to create an effective estate plan, virtually no one relishes the process of actually doing so. Once the task has been checked off the to-do-list, many walk away with a sense of satisfaction at having addressed the issue, and let the resulting documents rest in a safe place, often never to be revisited again.

Communication is important for choosing executor for will

Communication is the key to being successful in many of life's arenas. However, sometimes open communication is the key to dealing with one's death, which forces a person to focus on their estate plan. A will is an important part of the estate plan because it directs how one's estate is to be managed and by whom in Maryland or in any other state. On the other hand, it is important for one to discuss the executor's role with the person chosen in order to ensure he or she is up for the task.

How Maryland residents can plan for a living will

Maryland residents have likely thought about getting a living will done, but it turns out that less than 30 percent of Americans actually have one drawn up. Having a living will done can actually avoid any family arguments after the loved one has become incapacitated. Family members may not know what a person wants regarding personal choices -- including medical decisions. These can be a stressful thing for a family to do in the midst of a loved one becoming unable to make decisions for him or herself, but a living will can greatly reduce tension and give family members a plan of action.

Creating a will is important for estate planning in Maryland

There was much controversy recently as lawmakers were arguing about where the estate tax exemption level should be. However, in the end lawmakers decided the exemption should be at $5.25 million, which means that most people in Maryland and elsewhere will not be subject to the federal estate tax. On the other hand, this does not mean one should stop worrying about creating a proper estate plan. Even those with a modest amount of assets need to have a will.

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