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Healthcare power of attorney important for all ages in Maryland

Those who have children who are now adults are used to taking care of others, but these parents may now be wondering who will take care of them when they are no longer able to do so. Nobody can predict the future in Maryland or any other state. One never knows when a medical emergency will occur which could leave a person incapacitated. One option to address this is through a legal document known as a healthcare power of attorney.

Power of attorney document must be kept current in Maryland

Life is full of surprises, which just cannot be predicted. At any moment a person in Maryland or any other state can be involved in a serious accident and be left incapacitated. Along with the obvious physical challenges and emotional difficulties for loved ones, there are also financial concerns regarding who will be in charge of one's funds and assets while one is incapacitated and unable to make decisions for himself or herself. This is why having a power of attorney document in place is essential.

Durable power of attorney may be necessary in Maryland

Death is an inevitable fact of life. However, when most people in Maryland or in any other state die it is not usually a sudden event, but rather a slow process. Usually people will experience a steady decline in health caused by illness, injury, disability or simply natural aging. In many instances, a person may become no longer capable of making decisions for himself or herself, which could require a durable power of attorney.

Maryland residents: Health care power of attorney gift to family

The health care power of attorney was one of the main topics discussed at events held in Maryland and all across the country recently in honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day. Every April 16th has been devoted to the importance of advance care planning. Of all the information that was presented, one thing was heard over and over: a health care power of attorney may be the best gift that you ever give your family.

Protecting the elderly in Maryland from power of attorney fraud

It is an unfortunate truth that the elderly are often targets of unscrupulous con artists. There are many elderly people in Maryland that have executed a power of attorney naming a person in their lives that they trust as their attorney-in-fact that will betray that trust and use the power of attorney to steal from the elderly person that trusted him or her. Protecting unsuspecting elderly family members from this type of fraud is paramount.

In Maryland, a power of attorney may be used for good or ill

As family members age, they may not be aware of all of the changes in how people do business, and may not protect themselves as much as they can. To assist them, more active family members may want to have paperwork in place so that they can monitor the vulnerable family member's financial well-being. In Maryland and elsewhere, a power of attorney allows the designated family member to go through the grantor's financial records and make sure that finances are in order and are being well maintained.

Power of attorney and health care decisions

Every family member needs to be aware of the need to address end-of-life and healthcare decisions within the family. Healthcare decisions do not merely relate to old age, because many issues can arise for those who are legal adults and typically able to make their own decisions. Accidents and health problems occur that require decisions to be made that people may not be able to make for themselves, so it is important that power of attorney be addressed in Maryland and everywhere else.

Checks and balances in power of attorney

When a person gives another a great deal of power in their lives, it is good to have checks and balances built in to protect the individual's interests. This rule of thumb was dramatically illustrated in a recent case where a caregiver was accused of embezzling more than $150,000 from the patient she assisted. While the details of law from California to Maryland may vary, the priorities of relatives who want to protect their vulnerable family members are similar. Although the resulting crime was unfortunate, the family acted as a check and balance, protecting the patient from more losses due to the alleged abuse of a power of attorney.

Power of attorney central to Maryland estate planning

The end of the year is a time that many Maryland residents take to reflect upon the events and choices made during the past year, and focus on plans for the coming one. Many estate planning experts suggest that this time of year is ideal for reviewing one's plan, or for beginning the estate planning process. An annual check of these vital documents ensures that the stipulations within are still aligned with the wishes and intent of the principal. One recent report also suggests that many may want to consider adding power of attorney (POA) documents, if they are not already in place.

Maryland power of attorney and executor need digital information

As technology advances, so does society. Often, these changes include many areas of life which Maryland residents may not traditionally consider technology, such as estate planning. Because so many accounts and so much information is stored on the Internet, if an estate plan does not adequately cover online material, then the executor or power of attorney may face serious challenges.

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