Mother obtains guardianship of mentally disabled children

People with developmental disabilities oftentimes do not have the capacity to fully take care of themselves. Many times this is due to diminished mental capacities which are so severe that they are not able to function and make decisions for themselves like other adults in Maryland or any other state. This is why one woman has decided to apply for legal guardianship of her two children.

The mother expressed worries that when her children legally reached adult age, she would no longer have the right to ultimately make decisions for them. The woman wanted to have the power to legally stop her two children from making poor or even dangerous decisions. Her daughter has autism while her son has Down syndrome.

The woman was eventually able to obtain legal guardianship of her two children, who are now adults. Her daughter is currently 18 years old while her son is 23 years old. After she filed the proper legal paperwork and went through the required procedure, she is now able to ensure her adult children are protected from making poor decisions.

This mother made a proactive decision to start thinking about obtaining legal guardianship of her children early on so she could help protect them from problems that can arise for the developmentally disabled. Any other parent in Maryland in a similar situation may also want to consider doing what it takes to protect their developmentally disabled children. However, each case is different with varying circumstances, therefore it is advisable to become knowledgeable about the relevant laws and how they apply to a specific case.

Source:, “Sussex-based group helps Union City mother gain guardianship rights,” John Ambrosio, June 2, 2013


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