Mother wants guardianship over Amanda Bynes

Celebrities sometimes have a difficult time adjusting to their fame and fortune. This is true of those who became famous when they were young children in Maryland and elsewhere. This seems to be the case with Amanda Bynes who has made the headlines for her erratic behind. Her mother is now attempting to step in on her behalf by proposing guardianship over her daughter in order to ensure she receives the help she needs.

Bynes’s parents became concerned when she allegedly used gasoline to start a fire in her neighbor’s driveway. She then allegedly stripped of her pants when they caught on fire and also injured her pet dog during the ordeal. The mother filed a petition in court in July asking to take control of the her daughter’s personal and financial affairs.

However, the mother is adamant that she does not want control of her daughter’s money, but only wants her daughter to continue receiving psychiatric treatment after her court-ordered psychiatric hold terminates. During court, her mother passed along a message to her daughter’s attorney that stated that she does not want her daughter’s money. She does not even want to receive the usual monthly fees paid to conservators.

However, celebrities are not the only ones who may find themselves in over their heads in Maryland or in any other state. Everyday people end up needing assistance from a guardianship when they find themselves incapacitated physically or psychologically. In order to obtain guardianship over a person one will have file a petition with the court and the judge will decide if it is the right decision for the person in question.

Source: New York Daily News, “Amanda ‘Bynes still talking’ to her mother while filing for conservatorship still in process: source,” Nancy Dillon, July 30, 2013


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