Maryland attorney provides guidance with a guardianship

For people in Maryland, it is difficult to realize that a loved one may not be able to make their own decisions. This inability could be caused by a sudden accident, mental incapacitation or illness. In the past, many have turned to the attorneys at The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A. for advice with a situation such as this, including the possibility of creating a guardianship.

A guardianship allows a group of people or a single person to make decisions for their ward. There are two different types of guardianships that may be necessary to seek. The first, guardianship of a person, allows the guardian to make decisions regarding a person’s living arrangements, healthcare and other personal issues. The second, guardianship of property, allows the guardian to make decisions regarding the assets of their ward.

While a guardianship may be the best option in many situations, there are some drawbacks involved. Some of the drawbacks include the expense of creating the guardianship and preparing necessary documentation for the court as well as inconvenience if there are co-guardians, for example. Fortunately, our attorneys can help examine your unique situation and discuss all of your options with you.

Recognizing that a person may no longer be able to make decisions for him- or herself is often a complicated determination to make. However, we can help you create and pursue a plan of action that will allow the best interests of that person to be provided. Our attorneys have helped our Maryland clients establish a guardianship as well as looking at other, less prohibitive options.



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