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Probate concerns may cause Maryland residents to seek assistance

When a loved one passes away, some individuals may have issues to handle regarding the estate. Probate proceedings are common in cases where a will was left behind, but additional litigation may ensue if there are concerns about the estate. Maryland residents may be interested in such a situation currently taking place in another state.

Reports indicated that an assistant judge is currently on leave from his position and is facing litigation in connection with the estate of a woman he and his wife cared for. Apparently, the man and his wife took the woman into their home after her Alzheimer’s disease progressed. After that occurred, the woman’s will was updated to include designations for the couple. The man claims that the woman was his aunt, but other relatives of the woman are contesting that statement. 

Additionally, the court-appointed administrator of the woman’s $800,000 estate believes that the man did not carry out his fiduciary duty, and financial issues with the estate are being questioned. Though the man did reportedly make loans with money from the estate, he believes that his actions were legitimate. The amount of money in focus is approximately $10,000.

Estate concerns could cause individuals to face a myriad of legal issues. Therefore, if Maryland residents are facing such a predicament relating to estate and/or probate conflicts, they may wish to determine how to handle their particular cases. Interested parties can speak with experienced probate attorneys in order to potentially gain useful insight and assistance with their personal proceedings.

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