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Maryland residents may face guardianship, conservatorship issues

Many older individuals often face incapacitation that leaves them unable to care for themselves and their affairs. As a result, an individual or entity may be appointed guardian in order to care for the unable person. Guardianship is a substantial responsibility, and the appointed individual may face issues when it comes to keeping up with a conservatorship or other estate-related area.

Maryland residents may be interested in such a situation currently surrounding the conservatorship of Zsa Zsa Gabor. The famed actress is currently 99 years old, and her husband has been taking care of her since 2001. He was named conservator to her estate in 2015. Reports stated that he receives $19,000 a month to take care of conservatorship expenses. However, the money comes from an escrow account attached to the couple’s home, which was sold in 2013. 

Gabor and her husband are allowed to remain in the home until Gabor’s death or until September 2017. The money coming from the escrow account it set to cease in November of this year. As a result, the husband is petitioning the court to get an extension on that monthly allowance so he can continue to cover monthly expenses. He is also petitioning to have $120,000 gifted to himself in order to maintain his standard of living. 

As this case shows, guardianship and conservatorship can be complicated affairs. If Maryland residents are facing their own issues pertaining to their abilities to keep up with their appointed duties, they may want to find out what options they may have. Consulting with experienced attorneys may help individuals better understand how they could potentially address their concerns.

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