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Probate litigation over Redstone estate proves complicated

Maryland residents may be interested in a complicated case involving the estate of billionaire media mogul Sumner Redstone. Reports stated that the man’s granddaughter had expressed concerns about whether Redstone had truly been in support of changes made to two of his trusts. The woman believes that her aunt — Redstone’s daughter — forced him to make changes. As part of the probate litigation, the granddaughter would like a mental and physical examination of her 93-year-old grandfather as well as a deposition. 

In addition to his granddaughter’s claims, Redstone’s ex-girlfriend also feels that there are issues concerning her role in the estate. She was reportedly ejected as Redstone’s health care agent, which apparently resulted in her losing out on $50 million as well as the man’s $20 million home. However, it was reported that the woman turned down a $30 million settlement that had been offered and that her first round of court earlier this year to contest her ejection had been unsuccessful.

Legal representation for Redstone believe that the two women — who are reportedly friends — are attempting to regain the proffered settlement. Redstone’s granddaughter is skeptical of the man’s legal team as they claim that he is engaged  and comprehensive when it comes to recent business decisions but describe him as feeble when the time comes for a deposition. The granddaughter believes that she is the only one interested in seeing a fair distribution of the trust concerning her grandfather’s corporate holdings.

When dealing with estate issues, it is not unusual for the affair to become complicated, especially when there are considerable assets involved. Maryland residents who would like to take their own legal action due to concerns over loved ones’ estates may wish to find out more about probate litigation. Experienced attorneys may be able to help those interested parties gain useful insight. 

Source: Variety, “Sumner Redstone’s Granddaughter and Ex Continue Fight Over His Estate“, James Rainey and Cynthia Littleton, Aug. 25, 2016


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