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Disputes may put estate administration on hold in Maryland

When individuals die without creating an estate plan, it is not unusual for surviving family members to face conflicts. There are cases in which estate disputes could have many repercussions, and estate administration could be put on hold while the issues are addressed. Maryland residents may be interested in one such case currently taking place out-of-state.

Reports indicated that two sisters are currently at odds over their deceased sister’s estate. Though the late woman had reportedly been ill for some time, she apparently did not create an estate plan. The report indicated that her estate is worth a conservative estimate of $550,000. Due to the lack of instructions pertaining to handling the estate, the surviving sisters are going through probate litigation in order to determine who should control the estate.

In addition to the estate itself, the sisters are also facing disagreements over the treatment of their sister’s remains. She was supposed to have been cremated after her death two months ago, but one of the sisters halted the actions in hopes of having an autopsy performed. Now, the sister who had opposed the autopsy will not sign the forms to carry out the cremation. As a result, the body is still at the mortuary.

When there are conflicts surrounding estate administration, legal action may be a viable course for attending to the issues in an effective manner. Maryland residents who are facing such a predicament may want to find out more information on probate litigation. Experienced attorneys are available to assist interested parties in navigating this arena and working toward ensuring that their loved ones’ estates are properly handled.

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