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Probate dispute: Sam Cooke’s granddaughter facing legal issues

Being part of a legal dispute can be a complicated endeavor. Therefore, individuals who are facing probate litigation or other similar proceedings may wish to ensure that they understand their cases and what they may have to confront as they move forward. If interested, Maryland residents may wish to look into gaining professional legal assistance with such matters. 

A probate case is currently underway in another state involving Andrea Cooke, the granddaughter of late musical performer Sam Cooke. Multiple litigation cases are apparently open due to disputes pertaining to the beneficiary status of Cooke. The granddaughter had apparently been bequeathed a portion of the late singer’s estate, and her former legal counsel had apparently encouraged her to create a trust in order to protect the funds. 

Though Cooke had been told that she was the beneficiary of the trust, that information was apparently not correct. As a result, the woman believes that setting up the trust and agreeing to the terms have not benefited her in the manner expected. Her current legal representatives state that she was unable to fully understand the terms to which she was agreeing due to lacking the skill and training to understand the legal issues at hand.

Because legal matters can prove difficult to traverse if individuals do not have the proper knowledge to understand certain documents and proceedings, those affected could find themselves in situations such as this one in which they have been taken advantage of. Maryland residents who are dealing with probate issues may wish to discuss their concerns with experienced attorneys who could help them better understand their predicaments and options. These knowledgeable professionals could answer questions and help put concerns at ease.

Source:, “Sam Cooke’s Granddaughter and Several Attorneys are Fighting Over a Portion of His Estate in Cuyahoga County Courts“, Eric Sandy, Dec. 19, 2016


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