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Fernandez estate administration may be complicated by lawsuits

When a young family member dies, there is a chance that the surviving family may face complications. Of course, emotional distress and other expressions of grief are understandable, but in addition to those hardships, difficulties relating to the estate could arise if the decedent did not create a will or other estate planning documents. In such cases, the estate administration may take considerable time and consideration.

Maryland residents may be interested in learning about the estate of Jose Fernandez, the 24-year-old Marlins pitcher who died last year in a boating accident. Because Fernandez died without a will, his mother has recently filed with the court in hopes of obtaining control of the estate in order to carry out its administration. Though many individuals expected the estate of the late professional athlete to be quite extensive, it was estimated at about $3 million. 

At the time of his death, Fernandez’s girlfriend was pregnant with their since-born daughter. Undoubtedly, she will inherit some of her late father’s estate, though it is unclear whether anything will be bequeathed to the girl’s mother. Additionally, the boating accident that resulted in Fernandez’s death took place on his boat and also lead to the deaths of two other individuals. It is possible that the estate could face litigation if the families of those victims wish to pursue lawsuits. 

Sometimes estate administration is not an easy task, especially when no specific plans were made. Therefore, Maryland residents who may be faced with a complicated administration may wish to find out how they can address the necessary tasks ahead of them. Experienced attorneys could help concerned parties ensure that they are taking the proper steps.

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