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What type of guardianship may a Maryland resident need?

When a person ages, the possibility exists that he or she will lose the ability to properly care for him or herself. This type of situation could arise due to a variety of factors, and when an individual becomes incapacitated, guardianship may become necessary. Appointing a guardian can be a complicated process, and therefore, concerned Maryland residents may want to gain more information.

First, there are two types of guardianships that could take place. When it comes to guardianship of the person, an appointed party is in charge of making decisions regarding the health care of the incapacitated individual. These decisions can relate to particular treatment that the person may need and where the treatment or other needed medical care may take place.

The second type is guardianship of the estate or property. An individual appointed as guardian in this respect attends to the financial needs of the incapacitated party. He or she would take care of paying any necessary bills and managing the appropriate assets associated with the incapacitated party’s estate. Having a trusted person in this position could help prevent a vulnerable party from being taken advantage of. 

Guardianship can be a difficult idea to consider as the court often places someone in charge. If Maryland residents feel that their elderly loved one is in need of a guardian, they may wish to find out more information on the best manner in which to address such a need. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help them determine their best courses of action for ensuring the best appointment.

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