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Estate administration disputes may center around inheritances

Family matters can easily become complicated in Maryland just as they can anywhere in the country. The exact issues that relatives may face differ from family to family and could range from insignificant to monumental. In many instances, families face conflict when it comes to estate administration, especially if individuals believe that a potential heir or beneficiary should not receive an intended inheritance.

Such a situation is currently underway in another state. It was recently reported that a family is attempting to keep one man from obtaining an inheritance from his deceased grandfather’s estate. Apparently, the grandfather’s estate was worth at least $42 million, which he had bequeathed to his four daughters. However, one of the daughters is presumed dead after going missing in a boating accident. She was the mother of the man involved in the inheritance dispute.

The reason for the conflict apparently centers around his aunts’ suspicions that the man killed his grandfather and possibly his own mother. Though the man was considered a suspect in his grandfather’s death — which was caused by a gunshot wound — no arrests were made. Now, the man plans to represent himself in court as his aunts attempt to prevent him from inheriting millions from the estate.

Estate administration can be a complicated endeavor even under the best of circumstances. When disputes and conflicts arise, Maryland residents could have an even more difficult time seeing the necessary proceedings through. Though self-representation is an option when going through legal processes, individuals concerned with the possible complications of the proceedings may wish to consider speaking with experienced attorneys.

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