Estate administration disputes may lead to litigation in Maryland

After a loved one passes, his or her estate will need attending to in various ways. Depending on the manner in which the deceased may have planned for his or her estate to be addressed after death, estate administration could continue for years. Of course, even if an individual created a thorough estate plan, issues with the administration could come about.

Maryland residents may be interested in a pending piece of litigation in another state. Reports indicated that an issue has arisen with the estate of a deceased attorney and his living daughter. An oceanfront home stands at the center of the dispute as the woman’s mother is the beneficiary of the trust that holds ownership of the home, but the woman believes that the trustees are not acting in her mother’s best interests. The estate would like to sell the home for $46 million.

Due to the conflict, the estate filed a petition with the court in hopes of reassuring their right to sell the property. However, the daughter filed an objection to the petition. As a result, the case will go to court at a later date in order for a judge to rule on whether the sale can take place.

Many Maryland residents undoubtedly want their loved ones’ remaining property to be addressed in the proper manner. As a result, when an issue with estate administration comes about, finding the best way to handle the problem can seem daunting. Luckily, individuals with such concerns do have legal options, and consulting with knowledgeable attorneys could prove useful in finding the best avenue.

Source:, “Estate of attorney asks $46M for Palm Beach home amid dispute“, Mike Seemuth, Sept. 9, 2017


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