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Protecting Your Finances And Medical Care Later In Life

Senior citizens face a number of unique legal issues. They should arrange for the distribution of their assets through the creation of a will. They must make decisions about the management of their financial and personal affairs if they are unable to do so at some point in the future. Many must plan for nursing home care.

Comprehensive Elder Law Planning

At The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A., we help senior citizens and their adult children deal successfully with these and other legal matters. We are knowledgeable in the law and sensitive to the personal needs and concerns of our clients.

Contact us at 866-220-5185 for a free consultation. An attorney at our firm can review your situation and explain your options.

Experienced Medicaid Planning Lawyers

Medicaid is a program jointly offered by the federal government and the state of Maryland. It pays for medical expenses and nursing home care for people who fall below certain asset guidelines.

Currently, the cost of nursing home care in Maryland can be exorbitant. With proper planning, your assets can be arranged in a way that preserves a portion for future generations without jeopardizing your eligibility to qualify for Medicaid program benefits. Without proper advance planning however, you may need to exhaust your assets before you can be eligible for Medicaid benefits.

Medicaid planning must be done carefully, because there is a five-year look back period for transferring assets to other parties. Our attorneys have extensive experience in Medicaid planning. Provided that you act soon enough, we can develop a plan that retitles, gifts or repositions your assets in such a way that makes you eligible for Medicaid — yet still enables you to transfer them to your children or heirs.

Our goal in your case will be to help you qualify for Medicaid for the purpose of obtaining nursing home care, while preserving as many of your assets as possible.

Committed To Serving Seniors

In addition to helping senior citizens plan for nursing home care, our firm also advises clients and provides services in other areas of elder law.

We can:

Free Consultation With A Lawyer

For more information and a free consultation with The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A., about an elder law matter, call us at 866-220-5185 or contact us online.

We have offices in Frederick , Maryland, to serve you. Evening, weekend and off-site appointments are available upon request.

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