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We Help Families Secure The Physical, Emotional And Financial Well-Being Of Aging Loved Ones

No one likes to think of their financial and medical needs late in life, particularly the potential to suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or another degenerative condition that requires long-term care. However, end-of-life planning is essential to get proper care and avoid burdening loved ones with overwhelming medical bills. The average cost of a nursing home is rising rapidly year over year. Most families simply cannot afford the cost of a nursing home.

At The Law Office of Morrison & McGrew, P.A., our attorneys understand that these issues are difficult to deal with, whether you are planning for yourself, a parent or other loved one. That is why we take the time to get to know you and your family, as well as your legal needs. You are not just a client to us, you are a person with concerns and goals regarding your medical care and living situation later in life.

Voted the “Best Lawyer” in Frederick by the Frederick News-Post, and regarded as a leader in estate planning and elder law, Scott Alan Morrison is ready to provide personalized and skilled representation to help you plan for the future, today.

Qualifying For Medicaid And Securing Long-Term Care

There are three options for paying for long-term care:

  • Paying out of pocket
  • Using long-term care insurance
  • Qualifying for Medicaid

For most people, the third option is the most feasible, although we are happy to discuss whether long-term care insurance is an option during your free initial consultation. To qualify for Medicaid, you must meet strict eligibility requirements, including having few assets and little to no income. If you are looking to qualify for Medicaid, you must be sure to avoid penalties associated with gifting all of your assets. There is a five-year “look back” period in which gifts you make to relatives may result in a penalty you must pay before you qualify.

Have Questions? We Offer Free Initial Consultations.

We have a comfortable office conveniently located in Frederick, Maryland, and we offer free initial consultations. If you are wondering about eligibility for Medicaid or how to pay for long-term care, we can help you create a plan that minimizes or eliminates penalties. We can also offer options such as guardianships, special needs trusts and other legal tools that can help ease the financial and emotional burdens on loved ones.

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